blogging the new vm

stewart mackenzie setori88 at
Mon Feb 20 07:48:13 CET 2012

Dear oz hackers and users,

In anticipation of our new Mozart VM, I shamelessly request all
interested to blog about it.

The work is currently underway, core developers are highly motivated
and pushing hard to get this done.

- Light weight threads are mostly implemented.
- Garbage collection is working its way through the system, soon to
arrive as a steamy pile of bits.
- a test harness is in place
- the store and memory manager are coming along nicely.
- the codes now compile with LLVM (although it doesnt emit LLVM IR,
that is an optimization to be considered later)

Link your blog posts to selected papers, interesting use cases, speak
about the choice of compiler chosen (LLVM) how this assists in making
OZ runnable on a plethora of backends. such as ARM, MIPS, x64 etc. How
about oz's new approach? In that it is a library, to be linked into
other programming languages, thus making oz concepts, such as
dataflow, available to all.

Trundle on over to with no further ado.

Kind regards

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