Garbage collector

Enrique Iurleo quiquewolf02 at
Wed Apr 11 20:22:30 CEST 2012

Well a new doubt and i hope the last haha.. how exactly work the garbage
collector in OZ? i mean.. for collect a variable in the SAS look if there's
a environment on the stack that references the variable or look the code in
the stack that references the variable? i mean.. for example:

local X R M P Q Y in
    M=proc{$ X Res}
            Res = proc{$ Y}
                          Y = X
    {M X P}
    {M Y Q} <------------------- %(A)
    R = P
    X = 2
    {R X}

after execute the point %(A) the garbage collector will collect the
variable E(M) in the SAS because the variable will not use late? or can
collect the variable beacause the environment of the other statements still
have the identifier M bound to E(M)?

I mean.. the garbage collector look if the environments in the stack still
references the variable? or look if in the stack theres some statements
that uses or not the variable?

Sorry if is hard to understand haha
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