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Khadija EL MAHRSI khadija.elmahrsi at
Fri Jun 29 18:27:55 CEST 2012

What I'm trying to pickle is a .ozf file of a class I've created; I tried
pickling the file in another application and it worked just fine.
Maybe I should explain what the failing application is supposed to do so
that you would get a better idea on it and maybe be able to find the
In my application, I'm trying to achieve the following (hopefully it's not
a far-fetched idea):
First, I create a remote stationary instance of a class (let's call it
RemoteClass). This RemoteClass instance is running on a remote site and is
supposed to be able to load a pickle which would allow it to create
instances of some other class (MyClass for example) on the site where it
resides. It's MyClass' ozf file that I'm trying to pickle but fail to do
so. For the moment, I'm trying to test this on localhost using the URL "" and nginx.
I know this seems a little complicated so if you need further details, feel
free to ask. Also, if you notice anything wrong that I'm doing, please tell
me. It's really important that I solve this problem.


2012/6/29 Jorge Marques Pelizzoni <jorge.pelizzoni at>

> Humm, I guess I got why your application fails with no explanation. It
> is actually not failing, but rather HANGING on a variable somewhere,
> waiting for it to get determined. You must be pickling something that
> is not exactly what you intend. Make sure there are no variables
> anywhere in the value you are trying to pickle. Consider if you should
> not be pickling a TICKET to that thing.
> Jorge.
> 2012/6/29 Khadija EL MAHRSI <khadija.elmahrsi at>:
> > I get a "*** Warning: marshaling a variable as a resource!" which is not
> > very specific and I'm not sure what could be the cause of this warning
> so I
> > figured that maybe displaying the exception would be more helpful but if
> > this is the same exception that I might get either way, I'm afraid I may
> > never know the problem :-(
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