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Sat Oct 27 19:46:32 CEST 2012

Hi Stewart,

Nice to see encouraging signs of life

Currently the Mozart virtual machine is being rewritten for modern day
> platforms.

Yes, I know.  I am only sorry that my coding skills aren't quite up to the
level for contributing.

> At least one company is forming around this new software stack. Thing are
> looking good indeed!

I'd buy shares... He-heh!

> I believe strong uptake was inhibited by a few factors (Unicode, easy
> plugging into other IDEs, 64 bit etc) - many are being addressed as we speak
I agree.  I also experienced insurmountable problems (wish I'd documented
them - don't ask!) trying to use "tickets" / "distributed network
transparency" across multiple platforms.  Everything seemed to work
differently.  64-bit Linux was hopeless, Windows didn't work, and the only
thing that worked was if I used exclusively Linux 32-bit machines.  I was
using the versions with the "new" ticketing system throughout, so it was a
bit disappointing.

OTOH, seeing the magic of network transparency in action, say assigning a
variable on one machine and seeing it update on the Inspector in another,
was quite an experience.  I'd like to to some serious distributed work
(have a couple of project ideas that I'm keen on) but at the moment I am
working on getting a good mastery of computation spaces, for applications
in distributed search.

> So regarding your question - I'm afraid I cannot assist you, but do keep
> questions, insights and revelations flowing to the list!
No problem Stewart, I'll try emailing Tobias at Saarlands, just thought I'd
ask here first.

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