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Sat Oct 27 20:03:38 CEST 2012

Dear Alex,

I can not directly answer your question, I do not have the paper you mention. 

However, I vaguely remember that some other tools by Tobias Mueller presented in his PhD thesis from 2001 could be enabled in Mozart by provided special flags before compiling Mozart. I am talking about the contrib packages reflect, davinci, and investigator. The investigator is a debugging tool that visualises a constraint propagator network as a graph. The sources of the investigator are still part of the Mozart sources. However, it depends on davinci (, a rather old X-Window visualization tool...

So, the investigator may actually be the "Propagator Viewer" you are mentioning. I can confirm that got that compiled once successfully (see old posts from 6 June 2003 on Mozart user list for compiler flag details), but I do not know whether it still works.  

Best wishes,

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On 27 Oct 2012, at 18:10, alexgian wrote:

> Hi all
> I was reading an old paper by Tobias Muller (Programming Constraints to First-Class Status) and in it he mentions a piece of software called the "Propagator Viewer".
> Is this still available at all?
> I do not not know if Tobias still visits this board,  I notice his email is at Saarlands university, but I do not know if this is still valid, I understand he works elsewhere nowadays.  Anyone any ideas/suggestions?
> A bit off topic, I notice it's rather quiet around here lately.  Is there another active site for Oz discussions?  Surely with the success and popularity of CTM the world must be full of people wanting to discuss Oz-Mozart..
> Regards - AG
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