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Peter Van Roy peter.vanroy at
Tue Oct 30 09:50:16 CET 2012

On 27/10/12 19:10, alexgian wrote:
> A bit off topic, I notice it's rather quiet around here lately. Is 
> there another active site for Oz discussions?  Surely with the success 
> and popularity of CTM the world must be full of people wanting to 
> discuss Oz-Mozart..
> Regards - AG
We are getting close to a release for Mozart 2.0, the new 64-bit 
reimplementation of Mozart, our noses are close to the grindstone, 
probably one reason for the recent lull in mozart-users.  Some of the 
work is discussed on mozart-hackers, but not all.  We are now testing 
Mozart 2.0 in a course - the students are the guinea pigs! Thanks to 
Sébastien Doeraene, Yves Jaradin, Kenny TM, Géry Debongnie, and Gustavo 
Gutiérrez, the main contributors for the core of Mozart 2.0 (if I have 
left anyone out, please yell!).  (Other contributors are welcome, just 
contact us!)

The next step is the distribution subsystem.  Mozart 2.0 has a 
reflective language interface, where you can write Oz code to change the 
semantics of language operations.  We will use this to reimplement the 
network-transparent distribution.  The reflective interface means that 
the new distribution subsystem will be written completely in Oz!  Unlike 
the old distribution subsystem, which was written in C++ and which has 
become unmaintainable and unmanageable.  We invite people to experiment 
with the reflective interface to do other kinds of extensions to the system!

We are also redoing completely the constraint subsystem.  It will be 
based on Gecode, and it is being implemented by the Avispa research 
group in Cali, Colombia.


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