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Tue Oct 30 21:22:36 CET 2012

2012/10/30 Torsten Anders <torsten.anders at>

> On 30 Oct 2012, at 19:11, alexgian wrote:
> > Multiple workers can run on different processors of the same machine of
> multiple networked machines.
> Actually, perhaps I should not have said that -- the parallel search
> section of Gecode does not talk about distributed computing, only about
> threads..
Actually I think that the approach we can offer is complementary. While
Gecode search engines are able to use several cores/processors available to
the operating system Mozart ould extend this boundary to use a network of
computers. The idea of the integration of gecode into mozart has several
steps and milestones and this is not actually the first but a desirable one.

Just remember that the granularity that we can achieve (due to the current
design decisions in gecode) is to de point of parallelism oin the search
and *not* in the constraint propagation.

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