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> On 30 Oct 2012, at 11:26, alexgian wrote:
> >> The next step is the distribution subsystem.  Mozart 2.0 has a
> reflective language interface, where you can write Oz code to change the
> semantics of language operations.
> >
> > Brilliant.  I got nothing against Gump, but that whole C/yacc route was
> a bit convoluted for my tastes.
> Actually, Gump is more intended for defining new languages from scratch,
> not for changing the semantics of Oz itself. (I hope either Gump or
> something similar will still be available in the medium/long term for
> Mozart 2 :)

We plan to drop Gump altogether. It was too much of a hacky thing. At most
we'll have a side-project for legacy code. But the new parser is based on a
PEG/Packrat parser written purely in Oz. The grammar and its associated
semantic actions are written in Oz. The Packrat engine will be available at
the developer level, so that you can use it for your DSL's.

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