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Tue Oct 30 22:54:23 CET 2012

On 30 October 2012 20:22, Gustavo Gutierrez <ggutierrez at>wrote:

Just remember that the granularity that we can achieve (due to the current
> design decisions in gecode) is to de point of parallelism oin the search
> and *not* in the constraint propagation.
> Regards,
> Gustavo

Thanks for clearing that up.
Oh well, something for Mozart 3 then  ;-)

Good luck on the implementation integration.  I have to say
"Search.parallel" or equivalent is absolutely indispensable in my opinion.

Does this mean that "space" as a first class Mozart-Oz citizen, is actually
implemented by the gecode library rather than as a "native" mozart-oz
construct?  Will it still support "choice" points as per CTM ch. 9?
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